By Veronica

Light in the darkness

Expect a lot of flower blips from me in the next couple of weeks. The quarantine situation is starting to sink in now. We haven't been beyond the garden today. Luckily a cloudy start resolved itself to a beautiful sunny afternoon, so we got out the sunloungers and topped up our vitamin D supplies. That's got to be a good thing.

In the late afternoon, our neighbour B came out onto his terrace with his guitar and treated us to some songs. M, one half of the British couple living in the other half of this house (shared garden) plays the guitar as well (albeit less well than B), so for a while they played a distributed concert between their two terraces, which was nice. M's partner H went to yoga classes at the same yoga centre I go to, with a different teacher. She told me her teacher was streaming classes on Facebook, so I sent her a message asking if I could join in -- we need some exercise!

We started watching Bienvenue Chez les Ch'tis last night but it was buffering so much that we gave up -- I guess lots of other people were streaming films too. So we finished watching it in the early evening today. We saw it when it came out; such a clever film, with a great cast, and just as funny on second watching. 

That set us up well for Macron's speech: "We are at war," he said, six times. It sounds as if restrictions in France will be near identical to Spanish ones (also identical: selfish Parisians fleeing to their country homes). I needed a G and T after that. Luckily we have plenty of G; T gave me their almost full bottle when they returned to France, and I already had one. And there is no shortage of lemons. We'd had a good lunch of stir-fry made of bits and pieces from the fridge and freezer, so this evening we just grazed on leftover espinacas con garbanzos and cheese.

Edit: tagged #KUS for Keeping Up Spirits, thanks SueMiddleton!

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