By Veronica

The quarantine diaries

I fancy keeping a diary of how we make the best of limited food supplies. We don't want to shop any more often than necessary; since we did a supermarket shop on Saturday to fill a few gaps, we haven't shopped at all except for me popping down to the bakery this afternoon for milk (plus coffee and wine since I was there). No Guardia Civil this time; the street was silent and deserted except for one woman taking her dog out. 

We normally eat out so much here (at least four times a week plus many, many free tapas) that we've more or less got out of the habit of cooking at home. So it's quite a novelty and something to keep us busy. For lunch today I made a chicken tagine using the preserved lemons that ceridwen inspired me to make, because we'd bought half a chicken in Mercadona and had all the other ingredients. I didn't quite stick to the recipe as I'm not keen on olives; I used some, but also added dried apricots, because I can't envisage a tagine without fruit in it. Served with rice -- we have loads of rice and pasta but no potatoes. The chicken carcass was boiled up and Mystère got the bits of meat off it.

While tidying up the kitchen afterwards I gave a cry of delight when I found a single sachet of yeast. We have lots of flour, so I made muffins, which I haven't done for years (blip). They turned out really well; an excellent bread substitute because they don't require an oven (I cook them on the electric plancha), freeze well, and defrost quickly. Hoping I can find more yeast on the next Mercadona trip.

Not a lot else to tell! It's been a grey day with occasional drizzle so we haven't even spent much time in the garden. 

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