Settling In

Thanks for all of the love on yesterday's puffy sky.  I wish I could thank everyone personally.  You know you are all special to me.  xx

When I arrived at the Santa Rita Lodge this afternoon the place was a madhouse.  Fortunately, I didn't have to find parking among the masses because I have a reserved spot in a private area.  The manager was aghast when she found out about the reservation screw up.  She managed to arrange adding the two days I missed onto the end of my stay so I will be able to get seven nights here. 

Since the wildlife area was crawling with people, after I unloaded everything, I took a short nap.  By then things were calmer and I was able to take a photo or two.  I want to pace myself.  I snapped this cute Bridled titmouse sitting in one of the hummingbird feeder ant guards.  I guess he was looking for some ant protein.

I've already seen broad-billed, magnificent (Rivoli), black-chinned and rufous hummingbirds.  I thought I saw a blue-throated but he whizzed by me too quickly for a positive ID. 

After dark I walked over to the area to have a little chat with mom and to look at the millions of stars in the sky. As I was gazing, something flew past me towards the feeder.  It was a bat flitting back and forth getting sips of the nectar.  I really wanted to try to shoot them.  I returned to the casita for my camera, adjusted the settings and headed back.  I didn't see a single bat. Now that I know what time they're around, I'll try during the rest of the week.

I'm off to a nice, relaxing start.  I may have to scoot to town later in the week for a few clean clothes and food.  I didn't pack for the extra two nights.  Forgot to bring anything for breakfast.  DUH.

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