A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Village daffs.

.. and road works.
Two routes out of our village are lined with daffodils clumped around the base of Almond and Cherry blossom trees.
After a good morning sing - Keep Calm and Carry on - where it seems many of our recently arranged summer gigs are likely to be cancelled, I took a walk up the village in the lovely spring sunshine.
Bingley has been snarled up with gas works digging up the 
streets since early February and now it seems to be our village’s turn for some upheaval. Initially the signs suggested the Bingley Road would be closed for four days but in fact there are traffic lights and it is just our estate road’s access that us closed. Love the shadows on both shots.
The daffodils look lovely, especially in the Spring sunshine and the singing was a great start to Monday, we have to seek out the positives!

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