By Bella888

Good things come in twos

We did venture out, in the expectation we wouldn’t be able to soon. The clifftop walk, not far, maybe 2km. Wanted to get back anyway as expected a call from the Surgery.

Then had to go there (by car) to collect a prescription, and medication. Staff are all lovely.

But unforgivable, had to wait in the pharmacy for 15/20mns, in a small stuffy area, for one small box of tablets. with many others hanging around, and a stream of people coming in and out. Impossible to keep any safe distance. Why not suggest waiting outside (the large waiting was empty), and call, buzz, or have an electronic sign to alert when ready. Having Social Distanced for 11 days, pretty upsetting and can’t understand why we are so lax.

Was looking right left and centre for a subject for Philippa’s (ApolloFly) Mono Monday challenge ‘Observe’. And it had to be trees again. These two grabbed me immediately.

Oh to be a bird or tree at the moment, and be above it all.

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