Filling In Time.

I wore a jacket on my walk this morning, it was quite cool.  But very pleasant.

I then made sure I had breakfast before my husband got up.  He was having an endoscopy done today and couldn't eat or drink after 7am.  I didn't think it fair to eat in front of him.

His hospital appointment wasn't until 1 pm, so I decided to go out.

I went and got a couple of bags of cat litter.  And I had a wander around the shops.

Things seemed very normal.  People meeting for coffee and a chat.  Nobody seemed very worried.

I then went to the supermarket.  I managed to get the 3 items I wanted, but there wasn't much meat available.

The supermarkets are only allowing seniors, the disabled and people on health care cards, to shop for the first hour of the day.

This is to give them time to shop quietly.

I must admit there hasn't been any trouble locally, it's all been very civilised.

I just wish people would calm down, and stop being so stupid.

Anyway, took my husband to the hospital, and dropped him at the door.  He was going to be there for about 4 hours, so I didn't want to hang around.

Came home, made a casserole, had some lunch, and then did some colouring.

I wasn't in the mood to do too much else.

The hospital phoned at 3.40pm to pick him up.

Inside the hospital I had to go around a different way to get him.  This was because a whole area, including lifts had been blocked off for coronavirus patients.  Still it was all very calm and organised.

The endoscopy went well, and the initial results seem good.  So, another thing ticked off our list.

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