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By Jeanneb53

Social distancing

We ladies always walk on a Thursday morning so what to do. We agreed to walk at the same time with some walking the route the opposite way around and the rest of us taking the usual circuit around the St Ives Estate, but keeping our distance. Quite difficult when you are chatting as ladies do. Anyway it was good to be out and to see everyone is OK.
Not much wildlife on the pond. Only one swan came to the feeding station, we saw two others but certainly not the full compliment. Maybe some of the youngsters have been moved on.
After, Chris suggested we went to New Coley garden centre to get some potting compost, for himself to re pot his ‘babies’ (fuchsias) and some for a friend. In the end we didn’t get them all as they would have been too heavy for the car!
Looking over the fence into the car park was this delightful little pony. It looked so doleful I felt really bad not having any treats for it though it’s owner may not have approved.
Passing through the village folks were queuing outside the butchers (it is a very small space ) to avoid getting too close to each other.
We then called in at Woodbank in the village to compare prices of compost and Rowan Trees, to replace the neighbour’s one that was chopped down last year. Compost cheaper at Coley and, surprisingly, the trees cheaper at Woodbank. We didn’t get one as we’ll need to arrange delivery as they are too big for the car.   Whilst there we spotted someone we rarely see, we chatted at a distance! Funnily enough the last time we saw her was in New Coley garden centre!
The cafe was open with tables arranged 2m apart. We had a coffee, choosing to sit in the outer bit where there was barely anyone, but the inner room was virtually full.
We are strange creatures, I’m not sure we can cope without any social contact. Face timing Grace and Eda every day to make up for no prospect of seeing them for a while.

Spent a bit of the afternoon doing some garden tidying and weeding, washing out too. Such a lovely spring day, one that would normally give so much hope.

Take care everyone.

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