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Daffs by the wayside

I've had a strangely exhausting day, given the restricted lives we're supposed to be living. A lovely (much younger) friend who'd offered to do our shopping for us texted while I was getting out of bed to say she was in the supermarket and the locusts had been before her ... So all the time I was getting washed and dressed I was looking at pictures of empty shelves and choosing appropriate alternatives to the original list. The sun was shining - properly shining - so I washed towels and hung them out; we unpacked the messages and put them all away; I talked to my bestie on the phone about how dire our (short) haircuts were going to look after 3 months of seclusion. A quick coffee and I was out in the garden pruning the rosa rugosa which grows with great enthusiasm and minimal attention from me; I tidied it all away into bags to go to the tip but it's still sitting out there, waiting ...

We had a long phone call from #1 son, working from home; our grandsons were also at home because the older one had coughed. School shuts tomorrow anyway, and he's had the cough since January, but I'm glad they're so careful. And then we went out. As I had a meeting in the evening, we couldn't stay out too long, but the shore road at Toward was looking absolutely lovely with the daffodils along the roadside and the different blues of sea and sky and the brown of the still-dead grasses. We met several people we knew, and my extra photo is of a model of socially-distanced conversation. 

The meeting was a triumph of technology, as the disparate members of our Vestry all managed to install and us zoom.us and video conference for 90 minutes without confusion or disaster. I could get used to not having to go out for meetings, especially on a cold night - and I could get used to enjoying a drink with my dinner before it...

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