Joyful Camellia

Went to westonbirt very late on today. The car park was a bit busy and there were loads of signs about social distancing around the place. I think most of the people there were dog walkers or people with young children getting fresh air. I decided to go to the old arboretum as dogs are not allowed in there and I was glad I did as it was very, very quiet. A runner frightened me out of my skin, as he appeared out of nowhere, and I only became aware of him when he snapped a twig underfoot quite close to me. He had earbuds in and I suspect he had no idea just how silent the place was.

It felt like a very meditative walk today. Just an hour walking but I stopped and stared lots and watched the animals and birds, took time to study the flowers and breathe in the changes of the spring equinox.

As I left I walked past an old man and his daughter. I stayed about 25 metres away but I noted he was quick to put his hands over his mouth as soon as he spotted me. I thought it must be really quite frightening to be an older person right now.

When I got on the road there were two smashed cars on a recovery vehicle - quite badly smashed up at the front. Further down the road someone in a land rover was flashing his lights like crazy at me so I slowed down. Right outside Highgrove there were two more cars smashed up into each other with police in attendance. Bit of an odd place to crash at speed in that there is a 30mph limit just outside Prince Charles’ gaff. Two bad crashes at around the same time on the same stretch of road is rather odd too. Feeling grateful I wasn’t caught up in it.

I decided to pick up my knitting for the first time in months- feel I need to be doing something productive and relaxing with my evenings

Blip is a lovely flower I spotted at the arboretum- it’s slightly burned by the wind and sun but I rather liked the effect. Welcome to Spring!

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