The Old Ways

We spent a big chunk of the day geocaching on tiny lanes and footpaths around Crosthwaite that we had never explored before. 
I liked this shot because the original old limestone rock road has been revealed by the water that been rushes down the hills when it rains and we get a lot. If you look at the sides, the man made gravelly road was about 3 or 4" higher than the limestone. I bet it looked very smart and even. But now all that water has washed away man's attempt to "improve"  the surface of this ancient track that's likely been here hundreds of years.  I wonder how long the gravel has been here? I like walking up these ancient tracks imagining who has walked up here before. You don't get that with a gravel path.
We hardly saw anyone. Got back and discovered the Lakes had been inundated with visitors flocking here to get some social distance

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