By Viewpoint

Dying Tulip - Day 3

Another still-life set up with a different set of dying tulips.  This was among the first images taken.  Still more to sort through.

An early trip to the small supermarket in Dodworth for me on Saturday morning.  Quite a few empty shelves at around 8.20am and just a few people in the store.  I managed to buy the few things we were getting short of then a stop at the Bakery on my way home - a  small shop, which is now accommodating a range of general groceries.  I hadn’t realised it didn’t open until 9am on a Saturday, so there was quite a gathering waiting outside, in fact six in front of me.  The shop was letting four people in at a time.  When it was my turn there were three people serving in the small space behind the counter and then four of us in the shop, all in all it was verging on the cuddly and not at all compliant with  keeping a suitable distance between us.  I’m just hoping that the virus hasn’t spread to far in our part of South Yorkshire, though the woman in front of me had been working in London where it has spread quite rapidly.  Still no systematic testing going on so how does anyone have a realistic idea of how the virus is spreading (and I know the NHS has been run down so far that they haven’t got the capacity to test effectively - not even the health workers who are on the front line of all this).

So back to the tulips which have a rather special beauty as they come to the end of their lives.

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