By flavia13


I thought this camellia looks just as I feel at the moment, definitely fading, wanting to be in bloom and droopy!!!!

I did have a zoom link up with C and some fellow QiGong students this morning.  A trial run to see if it would work.  Some hiccups, like their usually is with new things and things to learn but it was lovely to see everyone, even if you couldn't given them a hug.  The lovely Lynn was her usual chirpy self and we got to see Cooper Dog too, who obviously wanted to join in the session!!!

Have received Kindle and set it up, but I don't think it's going to work for my Mother.  It is simple but you still have to do a couple of things and Mum gets in a flap when scrolling down photos we show her on or phones.  Nice thought.  Will have to think of something else.  If I could sit with her whilst using it for a while it may work. 

She as at least three of us ringing her daily, two of us a  minimum of twice.  

Don't know whether anyone has been following advice today or not, but we have for some time and will continue to do so, just hoping that works.

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