By flavia13


Cleaned G's bathroom this morning, just need to do the floor and shower basin now, that will be done tomorrow.

Anything that comes into this house is getting disinfected.

I go an order from The Hazlemere today so we have enough bread till next week and we indulged in strawberry tarts, just because "well what's the point in worrying about weight now"!!!??  Then felt guilty for having it!!!

Hubby's iPad came today and I've been setting it up for him.  This maybe come Mum's in the future but we will see.  Hubby needed one as the Post Office in Allithwaite is now closed and there is nowhere in Grange that will deliver papers up here in Kents Bank so he is going to have to read his paper via an iPad.  He'd prefer the real thing but there is no other option.

There were 4 blackbirds this morning running up and down the roof of next doors shed.  I look down on it from my balcony and managed to zoom in it. They were quite comical to watch, it looks as if they were playing tag!!!??  

Please take care everyone.  I was going to take some supplies over to Mum tomorrow (leaving it on the doorstep of course) but my brother did that today (he only lives round the corner).  I really would have loved to do that just so I can actually see her, even if from a distance.  However as brother's done it I will post the books I have for her, if they will fit in the postbox because we mustn't make non-essential journeys so I've got to stay here.  I'm so desparate to see her, but then so are many many others.

Do take very special care of yourselves.  Will try and blip tomorrow.

Lots of love to all.  xx

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