An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Not sure Lola's taking this situation seriously!

She barely stayed awake when Boris was announcing the latest news on the battle of People V Corvid-19, but had lost interest completely by the time Nicola took the stage.

So.  Here we are.  

Stay at home.  Only allowed out for food or medicine.  Exercise once a day. All non-essential work places closed.  All non-essential anything really.  

I was in the middle of completing my Tesco order for tomorrow but stopped to listen to the PM and Nicola Sturgeon.  Now I can't get access to my online order (message coming up saying that because the site is so busy, there may be some delays) due to everyone panic buying online now. Oh joy.  If only I'd had the brains to check out what I had before the PM spoke!

And in other cheery news, I found out today that going by the critical care list used by the NHS to decide who gets priority access to life support in a "too many to treat" scenario, the magic number to score on the list is 5 or below.  Alan and I score 6 and 7 respectively.  Okaaaaay!

In light of the latest announcement, we've decided not to use agency staff in Alan's care as we want to limit the number of people coming into the house. So from today, it will just be Ashleigh, Jordan and Vickie, with David filling in the gaps (and me doing what I can although I'm not able to do any of Alan's physical care.) 

On the bright side (there's always a bright side :-) we are currently healthy, have food in the house and plenty gin :-)) access to the internet, books, games, wonderful family and friends offering what help they can, a garden to allow sun (and rain) on our faces, and our sense of humour.   And not forgetting cyber space.  I have a computer bursting at the seams with friends for whom I am truly thankful.  This situation certainly makes you count your blessings.

So I shall go now and I suspect spend the rest of the evening refreshing the Tesco page in the hope of getting some food delivered tomorrow.

Fear not, if all else fails, we can have left over Christmas party food from the freezer for dinner.  Garlic mushrooms and mint Vienetta anyone?  

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