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By GadgetKid

Mono Monday: Man Made


Posting a day late because I couldn't stay up last night to string a few sentences together!

So, the "day" began around 2:30 am with G alerting me to a water leak. I had only just fallen asleep, so it took me a while to come to. The leak was in G's bathroom and she was already on it, and pretty much dealt with mopping up all by herself! She's ACE. I made her a cup of tea.

It took me a while to get back to sleep again. Why do water leaks always happen in the middle of the night??!! Needless to say, I had quite a lot on my mind. The alarm went off a few hours later, and we launched into the day. G with her e-learning support and me with trying to get the licence renewed online. (It didn't happen).

We decided to venture out in the afternoon; one big reason is to try to find some of the medicines G needs. The plan was to drive down Beach Road and check in independent pharmacies. I think we went into five - al very empty and all of them practising social distancing. G came away with a result, getting both the medicines she needs.

We also got the car washed (my blip for today's MM theme). I was impressed with how the attendant processed my discount voucher. He asked me to key in his code in my phone and then copied the confirmation barcode (enlarged on my screen) whilst I held my phone. Excellent. We sat in the car by the beach for a few minutes after that.

The temperature has dropped thanks to the two days of rain. Today it was also very windy. Still welcome. When the weather starts to change, we will have months and months of hot and humid weather.

Back home and I gave G's bathroom a thorough wash whilst she made dinner. The plumber who came in the afternoon did a great job, but as always, there is some cleaning required after they've left. The leak was caused by a valve failing as well as a poor quality hose which was replaced as recently as September last year! I have no idea why these things always happen in the middle of the night, but it made me look around at the water points and I've already identified three others that need to be replaced. Better safe than sorry! Water can be so damaging. G managed to stop the flooding from coming into the corridor. She was woken by a message coming on her phone and then heard the sound of water running. Thank you God for the prompt!

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