Everyday Life

By Julez

"No! I have not stock-piled all the nuts!"

So...first day of the rather open to interpretation lock-down. You can go out once a day for exercise? What if I'm like the Proclaimers and decide to walk 500 miles, and then 500 more? Apparently too, "some" construction workers are permitted to work - all of them apparently think it is them! I do feel sorry for them - of course they are going to work if they can since many are self employed and have thus far been overlooked by government assistance.

I've been mainly cleaning today, I started at 9 AM, had a lunch-break at 1 PM and finally finished about 4 PM. I cleaned exactly one cupboard! It was a big messy cupboard where kitchen stuff is kept despite it being in the den. And I haven't touched the top shelf as it is Spider City! That is added to Brian's ever-growing to-do list!

He came home at around 2 PM. His work was not open, but there were customers to inform and loose ends to tie up. He is just awaiting instruction on what will happen going forward - maybe the permitted construction workers will require their services!

I will still be going to my parents, as it says you can go to give aid to vulnerable people, which is what I will be doing. My Dad had a hospital appointment today - he was in and out very quickly as they were only seeing the most necessary cases. He called me to say he'd got on OK, but since getting home my Mum was on a complete rampage. She is definitely getting much worse. He called again later, but there isn't much I could do - I tried talking to her on the phone, but she was just abusive to me too!

I'll be over there tomorrow so we will see what's what.

I took this photo on my and Brian's permitted daily walk around the Arbo, along the main road and back via the river bank. Most people were observing social distancing, but there were groups of more than two people around, and some were just sitting in the park enjoying the sun rather than "exercising".

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