Keeping your Distance

Another morning of enjoyable faffing whilst the SK got a few provisions in from Waitrose - after queuing outside 2m apart. I then took myself off for my daily walk and work at the boatyard. The place was totally empty; young K arrived about 5pm just as I was clearing off. Lissen, I told him (from my 2m distance) - we need to be prepared to head off Mainwaring’s instincts to close this place down - the National Allotment Society says ‘Carry On’ - keep your distance, don’t share tools etc etc. And we’re kinda allotment like. I’ve got the email ready to go round the committee as soon as required. 
He’s on board. And he’s on the committee.
Meanwhile our WBRA WhatsApp group has now 35 names. And an endless stream of ‘amusing’ video clips and ‘cute’ photos of people’s bloody pets. I knew this would happen. 
Later, a film - Atlantics. Which is just beautiful. A bit slow in places (for home viewing, not in the cinema I imagine, sob). Back to her choice for the next home movie. More death, terror and destruction, I imagine. And zombies, or undead, or infected.

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