A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Long Tailed

I just love these little birds and we’ve had few over recent days.

Our current social isolation routine is to follow our Rector Richard online, doing morning prayer at 8.00am and then I Face Time Grace and Eda before they do the Joe Wicks workout at 9.00. 
Last night we shared a FaceTime as they opened their book parcel. Lovely to see Eda’s face when she recognised Scarface Claw and Katie Morag just in time for bedtime. I also sent her one about a Grumpy Grampa (Boppa) and Arno’s Journey. It has no story but lovely illustrations and she likes Arno’s Counting which is also without words. You can find so much to talk about in the pictures (thank you Paula J)
We follow the service on Chris’s laptop in the conservatory as I don’t do Facebook. There were so many little birds at the feeders in the Magnolia tree I’m afraid I got distracted, sorry Richard. I was focused on the feeder when this little chap flew straight to the planter with Sweet Williams in just below the window, so he’s a little fuzzy  - but I don’t mind I was so pleased to get a half decent shot. Lots of others too.

After breakfast we decided to take our walk relatively early. So little traffic we barely had to watch the road to cross to the cricket field which is all pristine and ready for the season, they were even rolling it when we got back. 
Took the path along the lower edge of the St Ives woods and didn’t meet anyone. A dog walker or two in the distance. We just met one couple with three dogs on Blind Lane but we gave each other a wide berth. 
The Little Owl was on it’s wall. I tried to look at it through my zoom but wasn’t really sure till it flew off. Earlier we had seen a Heron flying over, heard it before we saw it, not that unusual as we do have a heronry on the edge of the village. We avoided the road as much as possible and the pond.
The strangest sight was probably the empty garden centre. Just a few cars presumably belonging to staff and the golf club was closed of course, just under three weeks since 100 of us were partying there. 
I was pleased to see a hopscotch grid on the pavement down our road.  Good to see the old games are still popular.

Thanks to Croftcrafts who has sent me one of her hand knitted fair isle headbands as we won’t make it to the highlands as planned this spring. It’s lovely as are all you blip folk. 
Take care and stay safe.

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