Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Lazy morning for me.  Just watched TV and faffed about on my phone.  I got a text from the chemists to say my repeat prescription was ready so I walked down to the village this afternoon to collect it.

There was a large queue outside - around 20 people,  But they were all staying 6 feet away from each other.  Only 2 people are allowed inside the shop at once and the queue was slow moving. I wasn't dressed for the wait as I had thought the weather was warm due to it being really sunny.  I was wrong - it was very chilly. So it was a cold wait.  Once inside the shop it only took a minute to get my tablets. 

I hadn't intended doing any shopping and there was a queue outside Tesco so I decided to give that a miss.  However Herons was empty so I popped in there and got a basket of stuff. I came home straight away instead of having a longer walk as I was feeling the cold.

I got my usual weekly e mail from Iceland and noticed ( for the first time ) that they had a website.  I knew they did home deliveries but I assumed you had to fill your trolley in the shop and then ask for delivery.  So I went on the website.  First they asked if you were under pension age or over pension age.  As soon as I said I was over I was offered a free delivery slot for TOMORROW.  Unexpected! So I did an order which is in fact coming tomorrow afternoon.  I seem to be doing well in getting online delivery slots this week

One of my neighbours on our Whatsapp Group asked if anyone had some ladies deodorant as she had run out.  I had a spare one so  I popped round with it. Her hubby came out for it and we had a nice chat... at a safe distance of course.  Another neighbour came out and joined us - and Andy next door arrived home and joined in the chat.  He works away at a power station ( an essential job ) and he was home for his week off. Nice to see some friendly faces.

My blip shots shows some flowers I saw in the back lane on my walk to the village.  I love yellow flowers - so cheerful.  Thanks as usual to BikerBear for hosting.

Musical link YELLOW River - By Christie

Steps today - 6,237

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