By flavia13


Not a great night's sleep last night.  Just one of those nights really.  Some of it was down to the current awful situation but most of it was just 'cos I had one of those nights where you're really tired but sleep doesn't want to come!!!!!

So had a fairly quiet day today.  Just detolled all the soles of teh shoes, then went round cleaning all regularly touched door handles etc.

Hubby cleaned out the top small area of the garage which we also houses the washing machine, so it looks a lot better now.

Had a phone call from one of the older neighbours to say thank you for the card and assuring me she was fine and had family near Cartmel who were looking out for her.  I put some cards through a few of my older neighbour doors yesterday, just giving my phone number if they needed to chat and giving them a list of the local businesses doing deliveries if they needed because most of them don't use a computer.  I can't do the shopping for them as I'm not going out myself but I can talk to them and give them contacts for those delivering.

I went out into the front garden for two minutes to take a couple of photos and forgot to put my gloves on.  I didn't touch anything except my camera but then I got in a panic 'cos I went out without my gloves!!!!

I haven't been out of the house for 4 or 5 days now 'cos I'm getting lots of exercise with cleaning and sorting things out.  Just get too nervous about going out really!!!!

Anyway hope you are all OK.  Take care, stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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