Every time I open my curtains in the morning this window is usually the first thing I see.  Its the upstairs bedroom of my neighbours house.  They only moved in a short while ago.  Not a good time to move as they have had to put jobs on hold.  None of the curtains they own fit the windows.  There were blinds up when they moved in but they took them down ready for the plasterer to arrive.  But of course the plasterer can't come until the virus situation is over.  So newspaper it is for the foreseeable future.

I was going to use the Emeli Sande track for my musical link but then I remembered that Georgia Barbra had sung her own version. I have known of Georgia since 2013 . She used to help her Mam Julie running my Slimming World Group. Julie was promoted and we got a new consultant but I have kept in touch with Julie via Facebook and whenever Georgia posts a new song on YouTube her Mam puts a link on her Facebook page.  Georgia sings at functions,parties, weddings etc. But of course all that work had dried up at the moment

READ ALL ABOUT IT sung by Georgia Bharbra

Today I never set foot outside the house and I have spent all day in my PJ's.  And this evening I'm feeling really bad about that.  I should have got dressed.  I should have gone for a walk.  I really need to buck my ideas up or else I'm very likely to slob around until June.

I had one moment of excitement - the phone rang.  I dashed to answer it ..... it was a wrong number.  How disappointing.

The weather today was cold and rainy ... and we even had some sleet.

Steps today - 1,962

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