The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Another view of Stroud cemetery

You might be seeing a lot more of this place, because it's my nearest green space, about 100 yards from my house to the entrance. The social distancing is good, too.

I walked at around 6 in the evening, to avoid crowds. Found a few more graves of people I knew. The top part is a nature reserve, partially left wild. No dog walkers were out, but was exceedingly chilly.

The rest of the day I spent NOT cleaning, nor tidying. I have to find some way of marking out Sunday as a day of rest. I don't want to become obsessive.

So, what did I do instead? Made a cooked breakfast. Did a 500-piece jigsaw called Cobblestone Alley. It reminded me of my trip to Bremen in February, and how lucky I am to have a holiday under the belt (I don't think I'll be going to Italy in mid-May, somehow) .

I sang my way through an album or three on Spotify while I did the puzzle. I'm beginning to be able to concentrate more. Also baked some GF chocolate brownies. After I'd had my cemetery stroll, I cooked some supper and we had the brownies with Daim ice cream for pudding (it was the only ice cream I could get in Iceland).

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