The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Lunch with a view

The building site was quiet. The guys had knocked off for lunch, as had I. Our school is having a new building created from scratch on their land. It is going to take at least another year, I reckon, but I'll fill you in as we go along.

Another full day at work, though we had a couple of children absent. The school-wide Easter service had to be done by Zoom, and was not without technical hitches. Our bunch of 2-5 year olds did well to stay still and wait out the delays.

By the time I left work, spring had sprung and I felt overdressed. I checked out the Five Valleys centre (aka Merrywalks shopping centre) to see if the picnic benches have been put out again. We are in a new phase of lockdown as of today: up to six people can meet outside or in a garden, but I don't think that means they can eat a takeaway together in a shopping centre. Dave is going to come over and see me on Thursday, so we have to have a plan. He's coming over because he is now allowed to travel (locally). What is local?

I've decided not to go to Scotland to see our mother at Easter, not least because I'm not allowed to. Another reason is that the heating is broken at her house, and she's actually staying with her brother and sister in law for a week. I've said I'll go up in the summer. Steve might come with me. I hope this is the right decision. It certainly feels less rushed.

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