Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Let Me Show You.

Isabella showing Mia how to whisk an egg.

The girls decided they didn't want to make cup cakes, they wanted to make a big cake.  And it had to be pink!

Not a problem, we just put some red colouring in the mixture.  It looked lovely in the bowl.  However, once it was cooked it seemed to have lost the nice pink look, and was a sort of dark yellow.

So, next time more red!

We did a chocolate butter frosting, filling.  And of course, pink icing for the top.

The girls both had a go at stirring.  And it tasted very good, when it was finished.

It took up most of the morning, and before we knew it, their Mum was picking them up.

Now, I have to think of something to occupy them tomorrow!!


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