A poor substitute?

It kinda look as though this sight is one I'll be missing this year; so I'll enjoy this while it's here.

: ¬ (

Unusually, it seems to predate my idea of logging its purchase; all I can say for certain is it's in excess of five years old.  I wonder if it is, technically, a Bonsai.

To a, possibly recognisable, tune?

"Bonsai Samurai, grow a tiny tree;
not much more than 2 foot three."?

Just realised - it MAY be a very low quality Haiku?

Day X coz I've NO bloody idea what number it is.  I went into voluntary Aestivation slightly before advised to; with, I think, two days at the wrinkly shopping hour on two successive weeks.  I suppose I could guess, maybe, from yesterday's?

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