By pensionspoet

Week 2 - Day 3 - a varied day

I'm still coping very happily with the home working. I am not describing us as 'self isolating' because Jon goes out once a week for our food shopping, but apart from that, we are effectively doing just that. The home working itself has pros and cons. The pros are obvious, but cons are generally down to our systems being quite slow. It can only be due to the whole of Norfolk County Council trying to access the IT at the same time. This morning was frustrating but at 10am we had a scheduled 'team meeting' (see first photo). It was a bit broken up, but generally worked well, and was nice to see work colleagues again. We did miss Carol who doesn't work Wednesdays, and Nic who had no internet! Why am I wearing a silly hat, I hear you ask! Well Matthew had suggested it last week...we have been trying different things to inject a bit of fun into our day. It was only Matthew and I who had a hat today, but perhaps we can encourage more next week!

I finished work just before 5, and promptly fell asleep on the sofa. I think that not having a walk at lunchtime isnt doing me any good. I'm going to try and change my habit for next week, and try to get in a walk midday.

Mollie cooked dinner - we have devised meals, and a rota for cooking and washing up - so it was macaroni cheese today. I cycled up to the allotment while dinner was being prepared, and did a bit of sorting. I will be back there tomorrow on my day off ( even though the forecast is for wind and cold). I took the photo of the daffodils which fill the adjacent allotment plot. They never do anything on it - daffodils grow, then die. Every year. It's odd.

Back by 7, and had dinner. It was very tasty, with roasted veg. A bit more knitting now and then I've got to try and sew the tiny bits together to make the dog!

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