We didn’t go out for an early morning walk today, as we were both rather tired - strange really, because we aren’t doing that much, but we decided to wrap up and sit in the garden to have our coffee.

Many of you in the UK will be familiar with the Radio 4 panel game, “Just a Minute”  where the object was for panellists to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject, "without hesitation, repetition or deviation”.  

Today’s selfie is definitely “repetition”, which fits the Abstract Thursday challenge because Mr. HCB and I have been the subject of my Blips for many days now but when I said to him this morning that it didn’t really fit the challenge theme because it wasn’t an actual abstract, he said it could be viewed as a “deviation” of an abstract.  I guess that’s true if you squint your eyes and stand on your head - but I doubt many of you will do that - although perhaps that could be your challenge for today and if you can do it without “hesitation”, you will have my utmost admiration.  However, I daresay HarlingDarling and her lovely husband, Keith, will be able to do it without even thinking about it!

As I am taking quite a lot of selfies at the moment, I treated myself to a new selfie stick, which arrived yesterday, so used it for the first time this morning;  it has a remote in the handle, so it was quite easy taking the photograph - but of course, many were taken and deleted before I was satisfied with the result.  

I don’t often break the rules - not knowingly anyway, and am quite a stickler for making sure the photograph I upload to my Blips has been taken on the actual day, but we had such a lovely delivery driver from Waitrose last night, that I couldn’t resist taking a shot of him standing outside.  I thought as one of the “frontline workers” in the UK at the moment, he deserved his 15 minutes of fame on Blip.  So Martin, who had a very pleasant manner and a lovely smile, is at the bottom of the collage.  It was almost 8 p.m. when he arrived, but said he only had one more delivery, then it was home before he was back again doing the same thing tomorrow - we really do need to be grateful to all those who are working to keep us going and apart from anything else, it was good to have someone different to chat to, although we kept our requisite 2 metres apart.

Don't forget to go outside at 8 p.m. again this evening to Clap for our Carers - and all frontline people - let's make more noise than ever tonight.

“When you arise in the morning,
     think of what a precious privilege
          it is to be alive;
to breathe, to think,
     to enjoy, to love - then
Steve Maraboli

P.S.  You know how much we love our garden, and I thought you might like to see our beautiful Bronze Sculpture that a Blip friend gave us for our Golden Wedding two years ago - the very one that I helped Mr. HCB with last Friday.  Enjoy! 

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