Is it Friday again?

Slept reasonable well once I finally fell asleep and woke with my back feeling a lot better. Thank you for your good thoughts.

Managed a walk this afternoon and saw more cars on the roads than I’ve seen all week - most with more than 1 person and one with 5 teenagers squashed in. I think people believe that they feel fine and so can go out and about or maybe they just don’t care about others - whatever it is, I’m trying to not let it get me riled up and just keep my distance.

Chicken and leek pie for dinner - that’s next used up all the veg from the produce box we got delivered last week bar the swede which I’m saving to mash with carrots in on Sunday. Ordered another meat box for next week as it’s almost all gone too.

Continued our Marvel education with Avengers Awakened - pretty good.

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