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By Damnonii

We did it!!!

Well we did it! 

The Great Auchterarder and Community Sing a long to recognise all those people still working on the front line locally and nationally, and to say thank you to each and everyone of them for helping to support the local community and the country. 

We sang it not quite with the gravitas it deserved (I got the giggles!) but heartfelt none the less!   In my defence, it was the first time I've been able to sing it without bursting into tears!  It's an emotional song, sung for an emotional reason at an emotional time.  I practiced in the shower this morning and ended up bawling my eyes out thinking about all those amazing people out there doing so much for us.  But when it came to it, I got the giggles like a five year old.  

And before we sang we did record our thanks to all those NHS and frontline staff and everyone keeping the town and country moving, but I hadn’t pressed record!  Didn't realise till we were back indoors!  

It was a big local event and was covered by a national newspaper.  Sadly we couldn't hear any other singers but we did hear a lone piper in the distance.  Going by the FB page there were many more pipers (and I assume singers) further into town.

Well done Auchterarder and District :-))

And thank you again to all the key workers out there doing all they can to keep up safe, keep us supplied and keep us sane! 

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