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By Damnonii

Hearts for Heroes...

Although not recognised by Blip (due to the odd way Blip counts entries since the Polaroid debacle) this is actually my 9th Blip Anniversary.  

Yes nine years ago today I took a photo and uploaded it here for the first time thinking, if I was lucky, I might last a fortnight :-))  That of course was before I realised that Blipfoto is the online version of crack cocaine!  :D   

So fast forward nine years and I could never have imagined then what would be happening our world today.  

But what better way to celebrate nine years of blipping than with a celebration of all the heroes out there, at home and all around the world, who are keeping us safe and keeping the few wheels that are left to turn, turning.

And thanks to HeartFreek for suggesting this wonderful blip Challenge.   When I read about it I knew I had to take part.

If we come away with anything good from the current situation (other than how to wash our hands properly ;-) my hope is that our younger generation will have lost their obsession with celebrity and realise that the people to look up to, the people deserving of their adulation, the people to be in awe of and inspired by, are not the Kardashians of this world, or the next top model, or some meaningless YouTube influencer, or some more-money-than-he- could-ever-hope-to-spend-but-morally-bankrupt footballer….no, I hope they will see it's the people who have looked after us, cared for us and kept this county running during the most dangerous of times, who are worthy of their praise, adulation and thanks.

And I'm so grateful for, and sincerely thank every single person out there who is putting all thoughts of danger to themselves aside and making the ultimate sacrifice to help all of us through this time of fear and uncertainty and real danger to our health, nay our lives.  We will never be able to repay you.

Here in the Damnonii household we have reason to be extra grateful.

Those of you who know my journal well will be aware of how much we rely on the most amazing team of people, who every day work extremely hard to make sure our son Alan is not only well looked after physically and mentally, but go above and beyond to make sure he has the best quality of life he can.  And by doing so, they allow David and I to have the best quality of life we can, because if our boy isn't happy, we're not happy.  

Only by knowing that when he is not with us, he is happy, healthy and fulfilled, can we relax.  And getting sent photos like this is the icing on the cake.  

So in addition to thanking every single person out there working at taking care of us, in whatever capacity that may be, I also want to individually thank Ashleigh, Jordan, Kirsten, Lisa, Shelley, Christine, Ally, Zoe, Lana and Vickie, and ALL the past members of Alan's team, who come to us as support workers and end up being like members of the family.  

You guys will never know how much you mean to us and how thankful we are for all that you do for Alan and us.  May you take care and stay safe during these strange and scary times.

We will celebrate you and all that you do, properly, when this craziness is all over.

And my sincerest and heart-felt thank you to all you heroes, in all your different guises. May we remember you and our gratitude continue, long after this weird time is over. 

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