An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Test Card...

Ha! I took a photo of my makeup bag this afternoon to use as a kind of Test Card blip knowing I would not be taking any more photos today as my upper airway chest infection has been joined by a cold, and after a sleepless night my energy levels are low.

In fact after wafting downstairs just after 1pm, the most energetic thing I have done today is drink coffee and polish off the last of my Mothering Sunday chocolates.

David has been a star as usual, bringing me cups of tea, cough bottle and occasional sympathetic hugs...well I say hugs but what I really mean is jabs with a broom handle from 10 paces, to check I am still alive after I've fallen asleep looking like death warmed up.

It was only when I uploaded my blip and the thumbnail reminded me of the number 8 that I remembered that today is the 8th anniversary of my first ever blip!  (Wow!  Subliminal or what?! ) 

Well going by the date that is (due to leap years and because I've uploaded some archive blips retrospectively, Blipfoto has celebrated my Blipversary on various different dates - this year it was 18th Feb - but I will always count April 3rd as my official Blipversary.)

Eight years of blipping, no gaps.  The only thing in my life I've stuck with longer is David!  :-))

And with no intentiion of stopping, I think I can safely say My name is Damnonii and I am a Blip Addict.  Still it's nice to know I am in good company ;-)))

Please forgive me for linking to my 100th blip yet again, but the memory of taking it still makes me laugh out loud, and it summaries for me what blip is all about; the chance to look back at the tiny details of life that would be lost forever in the misty past, as well as "meet" lovely blippers from all over our beautiful world. 

As I look at the commentators on that 100th blip I am absolutely astounded by the number of blippers I am still in contact with today either still on Blip or in real life (or both.)  A testament to the friendships made here. 

Onwards!  :-)))

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