An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Years and counting.

Although Blip told me my seventh Blip anniversary was on 19th February, that is factually incorrect (annoyingly during the Polaroid debacle Blip began counting archive blips in member's Blip total) as the first Blip I ever uploaded was on Sunday 3rd April 2011 and I will always count that date as my Blip Anniversary.  It seems like yesterday.

No big speeches though as I think I have said it all in my seven years here and I can hear you all yawning at the very thought 

What I thought would be fun though is to link to my 

Most viewed entry of all time.
Most favourited entry of all time.
Most starred entry of all time.

I think it's safe to say you lot are fans of Alan! :D

I have taken macro shots, landscape shots, portraits, food shots and even the odd water drop shots that I am immensely proud of, but it's the technically deficient photos, snaps in many cases that mean the most to me.  Those little glimpses of moments that looking back on them tell the story of my life, make me feel alive and evoke strong emotions, happy and sad.  Those moments that would slip away and be lost forever without the presence of a camera and the wonder of a blip write up. 

If you will indulge me a little more, I have noted some of those Blips below.  I am linking them here for my future benefit, a sort of summary of the last seven years and panic not, I am not expecting you to click on them :-)

Regeneration  The past lives inside our hearts.
Arria  First appearance of my beloved lady.  I miss living close to her.
New Beginning I can still feel the excitement of opening that door.
Scotland the World Over So proud to be part of this amazing community.
The Gong Bang! Friends are the stuff of life.
New Year Let the Good times roll.
Proud Mum Alan, the school boy!
Blip Friendships I have made so many friends here, you are all amazing.
My Boy my favourite photo of Alan.
Hamish, Hector and Hughie still make me smile
Snowy Fried Egg WTF?  :-)
Pool how did we get through those 18 months?!
Old Faithful ever patient in the face of my urgent demands to stop the car for me to nab a blip or to make a t*t of himself in the name of blip.  One in a billion.
Worst day of my life.  Nothing to add
Blip Nonsense!  Joy back in our life (and no I don't mean Withers although she is a good sort in an evil kind of way :-)
Best Pals Their friendship makes my heart swell.
Lola! New member of the family.
New Life The next chapter.

So, seven years, no gaps and no plans to stop blipping.

I love this Community and the friends I have made here and continue to make here.  It is an absolute joy to share your lives one day at a time.  I see people like me from all over the world, living their lives, raising their families, living in great joy and deepest heartbreak but all doing the best we can for those we love and those within our communities regardless of our colour, religion, politics, while the powers-that-be seem intent on destroying the world.  

In all of that madness, the Blip Community shows that humanity is alive and well and it's a joy to spend time here being reminded of that.

Phew, all got a bit heavy there and that's without the gin!  Time to draw this Blipversary Blip to a close (yay :-)

And the last word, as ever, has to be with Jamie...

"When I look back on my ordinary, ordinary life, I see so much magic though I missed it at the time."

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