An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Joy Personified!

Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming!

But no, he made it into his pool at long last!  :-)))

I don't mind telling you that visualising this image, is what sustained me through this and this and this and this.  

and of course this  and this and this!

What a brilliant afternoon!

David wasn't at work yesterday as he felt awful.  Really tired, a bit sick, hot and cold and no energy.  By bedtime last night it was looking doubtful that the Christening of the pool would be going ahead today.  I lay awake fretting about how on earth, after all his patience and excitement,  I could tell Alan he couldn't get in the pool.

But Dad is a star and he rallied himself and the plan went ahead.  

Eleanor and Kenny arrived up at 2pm and we planned how we would get Alan into the pool and floating (physically getting in is easy as there's an overhead pool hoist, the tricky bit is getting the rings on him, especially when he's hyper!)  Well it took the combined efforts and skills of four people - David, E & K in the pool and Ashleigh, Alan's support worker, poolside.  Me being worse than useless re. giving physical help, waited patiently with my camera.

At last he was in!   He was quite straight faced for a minute or two.  He wanted Ashleigh in the pool rather than Eleanor and Kenny, then he remembered that they are veterans of all the French holiday pools and soon warmed to their presence :-))

I can't tell you how utterly wonderful it was to see his face light up as his confidence built and fun with a capital F began.  His laugher and squeals of pleasure echoed round the pool room and all the stress of the last nine months just melted away.

Of course a fun pool session wouldn't be complete without music and there was much splashing and laughter as Abba reverberated around the room.  From now on I will visualise Alan's happy face whenever I hear this :-)))

I wasn't sure how he would react to being told it was time to come out the pool but he was fine.  He'd been in for ages and was tired, happy and hungry.

Ele and Kenny stayed for tea then after they left, David got Alan ready for bed (Kirsten, Alan's support worker is ill too.  Great timing) then poor David had to head to bed himself, his lurgy having caught up with him.

And I am just turning in myself.  Tired but most very definitely happy!

Ooo I'd completely forgotten that I got a message from Blip the other day saying I was about to reach another milestone and now apparently I have!    I didn't realise it was my 6th year anniversary (which technically it isn't but as Blip now counts archive blips that pre-date my starting date, my Blipversary date keeps changing!  My real Blipversary is the beginning of April!) 

Anyhoo, six years!  I can't quite believe it!  It's been quite a journey!  I've said it all before in previous anniversary blips so won't repeat myself and bore you all rigid, but I do want to say a big thank you to you lovely people who visit my journal, comment and leave stars and hearts, despite the fact I am now officially rubbish at reciprocating.   I adore you all and I promise to try harder!

Now it really is time for bed.  Night night :-) xx

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