Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Like it or not...

I was going to post a picture of G & me wearing facemasks yesterday, but a cake arrived! Today I found out who the sender is. It's one of our OaSis ladies who's been with us on a Friday morning to attend the church service. Sadly we had to remind her of the fines now being imposed for venturing out unless it is for specific reasons (shopping for essential food and medicines).

So, last night brought the news that we cannot venture out without a facemask and gloves. I have ordered both online, but don't think they will come any time soon. This mask which I got yesterday will have to do for the few times we plan to go out. We also can't go out together. Only one person at a time. I got dressed and moved the car to a spot where it is in the shade for most of the day. It is getting hot here - into the 30s.

There are a number of videos/links being shared at the moment. I don't normally click on links, but I am really glad I clicked on one today as I discovered this very interesting BBC Reel clip on Free Will looking at other items on the page. Who would have thought there is physics to free will?

Today, we've attended three Palm Sunday services, one of them in rachelwhynot's church in Bromley! And BBC World then showed a clip from All Souls Langham Place (right at their doorstep) and how the choirmaster managed to get the recordings of the choir and musicians recorded in their home and then mixed on his laptop. Incredible! They had people from all over the world attending!

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