An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

Colander, close-up

The common stainless steel kitchen colander (Aparratus Vegetratus Drainus) gets the close-up treatment.

Backlit by table-side lamp (again) and using Tamron macro 90mm f2.8 (this time a much more modest f7.1 aperture, rather than f64, of before), original intention was to do a black & white conversion but I just loved those fiery colours too much, accentuated by darkening and increase in contrast in editing.

Where to crop was a problem (a bit removed from the top) but helped by darkening quite a lot the top holes, which made them nicely orange and orb like and bringing the eye down and in.

This final result was toward the end of a near hour mess-around, shooting over 70 pics, different angles, apertures, under/over exposures (used centre-weighted metering, instead of the standard 'matrix'); actually fairly tiring hand-holding the heavy full-frame D700. But I'm happy to get this, a nicely satisfying result.

I'm glad to say also, that this image should chalk up my 20,000th Blip view, unless no-one looks at it! So, thanks to all (or the one who clicked, on different computers and devices, 20k times) who have kept me going and hopefully having provided some interesting images of reasonable variety. I've certainly enjoyed very much providing them, they have become almost the backbone of my chaotic existence!

Try it closer up, on Large!

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