The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Cigarette advertising, early 1980s

The thumbnail looks extraordinary, considering we're in lockdown! Ah, but how far we can travel, just from one tiny room! We can even time-travel...

My middle sister and I used to send these then- considered subtle postcards to each other in the early to mid 80s. I still think they're genius. One of them survives, from 1985, and I found it while tidying up. Details of her new life include having to meet someone after mass, adding that she would need to find out where the Church was first! She invited me to visit her in London, saying "I think you'd appriciate (sic) the life here". I did in fact move to London in 1987, ended up living there for five years, and there was much to appreciate, particularly the diverse cultural scenes  and variety of food on offer.

Also found  a' jig-note' from my youngest sister, dated 1986, starting with the line, "Dear Helena, you asked me to send you a jig-note..." She would have been 13 then.

No letters survive from my elder sister, the blipper TMLHereandThere, but there are Bahraini stamps a- plenty, including a rare one produced after the death of Shaik Issa. I do have a die-cut hummingbird-themed card from her, circa 2010, now rather faded, that opens with the line, "so how d'ya like THIS card?"

We have all inherited the Stationery Gene. As the proverb that cropped up in last week"s virtual.Pub quiz states, 'the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". In this case, the tree is our mother, with her notelet fixation.

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