Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Looking ahead...

I thought I'd post Yardbird #18 today, the Brown Headed Cowbird (male).  This is a bird reviled by many birders because it is a nest parasite, meaning that the female lays her eggs (one each) in the nest of a much smaller species.  This results in the cowbird baby outcompeting  the other nestlings.  Europe's cuckoos practice a similar behavior.  You can't blame the birds; nature designed them this way.  

I'm watching the recording of Governor Cuomo of NY's press briefing from earlier today as I type this, tears in my eyes.  Following the actions of my state's Governor, he is ordering the flags in NY to fly at half mast in honor of all who have perished from this horrible virus.  I feel his words are far more relevant to me and my family than those of the President of the US.  

Chatted with my parents this morning - there is a great comfort in hearing their voices, knowing they are well.  We've been talking about what life will look like as we move through this pandemic.  I think "normal" will look quite a bit different than it did last year.  

Meanwhile, one of my besties scheduled a Zoom Quarantini Hour on Friday evening.  Very much looking forward to it!  

In other news, late yesterday our governor closed all state parks and forests.  This is sad news as Hubs and I have been doing our walking in one of the state parks.  However, in more populous parts of this state, people are being stupid and not adhering to social distancing.  And that means that we will all pay the price.  I can't argue with the decision, though.  There are still trails in Wildlife Management Areas in our county that are open - hopefully not to be abused.  

Tonight is Passover and I wish my Jewish friends a safe observance.  And to one and all, be safe, be kind.


Covid 19 Stats
Positive cases in NJ as of 2PM today - 47,437
Deaths in NJ - 1,504
Positive cases in Sussex County -  357 -  21 deaths

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