By dreaming

Looking for a mask

Today was such a beautiful sunny day that I decided that tomorrow, when it is supposed to be even warmer, I will go out for a short walk.  Of course, I then had to figure out what I might wear as a mask.  I turned out all my scarves, a tea towel and a cotton pillowcase, but somehow nothing seemed right and I didn't have the energy to experiment.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll figure it out.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today, preparing things for future meals, but standing for long periods is painful so I had to keep sitting down.  And it seemed as if every time I was caught up in a task and didn't have a hand free, that's when the phone rang.  I talked to Sharon, who was making matzo ball soup for a little dinner to be held in her neighbor's driveway, with three tables - one for Sharon, one for her friends, and one for their kids.  I'm jealous. And I spoke with Gena and Terri, who have been spending time in their garden during their enforced sheltering in place.  Wish I had one.

I received a lovely gift of tulips today, but they won't be really fine to look at for a couple of days, so I will blip a photo of them soon.  Isn't it wonderful that Spring is here!

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