Fresh herbs

I never try to keep those pots of herbs you get in the supermarket going, because we're always going away, so it's pointless. But now seems a good time to have a go at growing a few - and the basil and rosemary in particular doing well. I try to give them a bit of water most days, as they aren't in much compost, and I'm not going to try and pot them on (we don't have any compost anyway and I'm not sure where you can buy it right now). At least it's something to take my mind off the relentless bad news.

The other things of note were a zoom with friends over by Easter Road, and the making of an order with one of these new companies sprouting up to deliver fresh foods, which should come on Saturday. I'm happy to help people who are just trying to be entrepreneurial in difficult times. Oh, and I did a lovely 30 minute zoom yoga session this morning, which properly set me up for the day.

Blipping tonight as I want to go for a walk first thing tomorrow, before getting stuck in to some more work. I could take tomorrow off, but I actually don't have any inclination to, as I'm finally starting to get my brain revved up again. I'll take the weekend off, but there's no need to make it a long weekend, in the circumstances.

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