By strawhouse

At Sea

A day at sea today. On our way home :-(
We’ve been so lucky with the weather on this trip and today was the first we saw of any significant wind. The Little Misses didn’t care and were straight in the pool after pre-breakfast breakfast, and actual breakfast!!
The whole pool was sloshing about as the ship rolled a bit and the wind was whipping up spray and waves but they LOVED it!! And had it all to themselves for hours!
We went to the Planetarium again after lunch but unfortunately it wasn’t as good as before. A weird show about technology and communication rather than space.
The Little Misses went to the cabin to watch films while Mr K and I went to see another talk by Lynne Truss who we saw on our first day at sea earlier in the week.
She read out some of her hilarious monologues, reminiscent of Victoria Wood. So funny!
Especially the biscuit jar!
Last cocktails in the Commodore tonight. Sob. There’s a glass lift from the Commodore which goes down the outside of the ship. The Little Misses love it!! They went down in it tonight to go to pick up the daily crossword from the library. We were sat right next to the lift and when they got back up and the door opened to reveal them in all their grown up finery it took my breath away. Gorgeous girls!!
Last dinner in the Britannia restaurant and then back to the cabin to pack.
One of the worst things about a cruise is having to pack on the last night and put your suitcases outside to be taken away. It’s like they’re rubbing your face in it!!!!
And there’s no pre breakfast breakfast in the morning. Outrageous!

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