By Kipsie

It must be cider o'clock.

Not quite what I had in mind for today's negative space challenge, in fact, I faffed about with some of my favourite pebbles, favourite jug, then  a few flowers, but as I was pouring my cider I spotted some negative space on the worktop. . I got carried away with a few household chores this morning, twaz a bit chilly outside.  2 loads of laundry .. big BOOB with the first load. I washed one of the loose covers I'd made for  the Ikea chairs. I glanced at the drum in passing ... pink water!!! ARGH!!! Pink loose cover .. Poo! The dye had run from the magenta pink bath mat. Finished the load, removed the cover, squeezed a load of Vanish power gel into the machine with a generous squirt of Fairy, set it going and crossed everything .. YAY!!  A great day for getting the washing dry.  Then decided to give the laundry liquid drawer a good clean. Yuk! It's so fiddly. I was careful when using the old toothbrush to clean the inside, envisaging a domestic appliance call out to remove said article. Not a call I wished to make.

The wind had been blowing all night long, rain is what we need really. A  good nights steady rain would do the gardens a lot of good. After lunch I headed off to the greenhouse. Pricked out the Turkish hollyhocks, 36 seedlings now in 9cm  pots. They should fill those out nicely with the coming season. Sowed pots of Tithonia, Cosmos, Everlasting sweet pea? ( not completely sure about these seed pods, no idea where I found them),  a mystery pot from the Garden House, lastly a pot of very pretty antique shades cornflower.

Fry up for dinner tonight .. You can't beat the smell, taste of homemade bubble n squeak.

Thanks to trisharooni for hosting Mono Monday/negative space

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