Long road

I'm not really enjoying these part-work/part-leave days. Knowing I have a couple of meetings to prepare for and be part of means I can't just relax the rest of the day and end up in a sort of useless half state of readiness.
Up late having had a nice chat with K whilst we did the crossword together on FaceTime, then faffed about not achieving a lot and snacking too much. After Iz dropped round the last of her things I was in on a long but frustrating meeting so afterwards set off for a good walk over to V's house. Fairly quiet path through fields and alongside a river most of the way so a nice walk but not as many steps as I'd expected. We sat in her garden and chatted about the usual range of stuff then I came home to look through applications for my right hand person...decisions to be made soon. What is work going to be like in the next few weeks and months? Not sure I'm liking all the uncertainty but I suspect I'm just tired. The sore throat is back, grr....

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