Rabbit In Lockdown.

We had a very enjoyable virtual cocktail rendezvous yesterday evening. Patricia had me a wonderful chocolate cake which our "visitors" could only look at.

I did not eat a piece in their company but they could see that we had sampled it.

Pat received a parcel from Vladimira, our ‘Czech daughter" and the contents are shown in the extra. The rabbit is made by a friend and Vladimira painted the eggshells. The technique is hot coloured wax applied by a pin.

One end of our dining table is used for dining and the other end is Pat’s Painting Studio.

She is now deciding on her next portrait subject and she has two commissions. However, she decided that it might be good to do one of me!

As some of you know, I have been sculpted, and I have been painted. I have also been pencil sketched.

She remembered a photo of me that had been taken to accompany an article for some publication. I do remember the photo and I thought I knew where it was. After an hour searching through the archive I had still not located it. Well it is 43 year archive.

However, she has located a photo of me taken when I was modelling at a art photography class, so that is the one. It is of my face only.

Thanks to all who sent me birthday greetings. They are much appreciated.

The Rabbit in Lochdown is an Alessi Kitchen Paper dispenser, which we use to collect the many elastic bands donated by the postman.

The wind is now out of the east and it is cold, very cold. I doubt I will do much gardening today.

We are okay with our lockdown status. We are lucky to have a garden with many trees and shrubs. We are surrounded by country, and our home has plenty of space.

We are luckier than many others.

I do try to avoid the TV  news, especially government ministers and their continual attempts to justify failed and late policies.

Over the years, I have worked on several Government Projects and tired of Westminster Civil Servants saying "The minister does not wish to hear that".

I suspect that not much has changed. Luckily there are many groups who do know what to do and get on with it.

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