By Teasel

Red Campion

Another slow, but relaxing morning, although TT had some work to do first thing.  I got stuck into my book and did a few chores around the house.  It was grey again, but after lunch TT and I went out for a walk.  We are running out of new routes, so we went on the same route as last Friday, but in reverse.  While the day was brightening up, there was still a real chill in the air.  We came back via the supermarket and I left TT to pick up a few things.  He had to join the queue.  We spotted a friend in the queue, but he was near the front and TT was at the back. By the time I got home the sun was out and the weather improved hugely, although it was still chilly. 

Once he made it home, TT did some gardening then cooked up a great  tea of fish finger sandwiches and chips – perfect comfort food!  He then had to get himself ready for a  virtual whisky tasting with his whisky chums.  I didn’t partake, but I listened to the chat!

It’s nice to see spring taking shape when we are out and about for our daily exercise.  Leaves are appearing on the trees, blossom is appearing and disappearing and wild flowers, like this red campion, are appearing along the verges and hedgerows.  The extra shows the jigsaw I finished yesterday - The Bizarre Bookshop.

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