By loisbiz

White Dogwood Flowers

I am claiming that tiny bud as tiny for tiny Tuesday....and Blue is my favorite color......so I am claiming the sky as my favorite color. :-))

It was a beautiful day. It was my husband's birthday and each of the kids and their families came over; we brought outdoor chairs into the driveway and everyone kept their distance. Ellie's family came first.....we brought out the bubbles and she ran around chasing them. She was very sweet and ran over to give my leg a hug......I think that was okay....it has to be now. I never touched my face and washed up really good after they left. Then each family came over for a short visit and we gathered in the cul-de-sac in front of our house. They brought cake, brownies.....and toilet paper. :-)) Very fun. Never a big group....and no one stayed for a really long time.

Don't yell at me....I know they were suppose to stay home......

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