Murphy’s Law

By laurie54

Mono: Better in blue

Better late than never. Trisharooni's theme this week was blurry.   I've had this one in the can for a couple of days but a funny thing happened on my way to the coliseum computer.  I opened my 'regular' laptop and the hinge broke which separated the screen from the keyboard. Ever hear of that?? I'm cursed.  That's got to be bad thing #3. Got to be! (#1 was a clothes dryer vent and #2 was a water leak/toilet replacement)

I'm using my small computer which has such a miniscule hard drive it's useless for photography,  It's only use since I bought it has been for emails, reading and streaming.  I bought it to carry out when I had respite time when mom was alive.  Haven't used it since she passed away.

Anyway, looking for the silver lining for the day.  I did get to order a new laptop.  That was good.  I hate to owe money, I despise debt, but I had to finance it because I'm kinda living month to month right now. Oh, well. better days to come.
(I hate debt so much that when my college returned my student loan promissory note signifying that it was paid in full, I set it ablaze!)

I was in a writing mood and when I write seriously about a passion I'm pretty good at it.  I am passionate about mental health so I wrote what started as a 1200 word article on best practices to survive in a healthy way mentally and emotionally during the stay at home directives.  It would be awesome if I actually practiced what I preach.  I managed to pare it down to just over 700 words and sent it to the local paper.  It's 100 words longer than he usually takes but it's useless unless I can try to share it.  I'll count all that writing as my silver lining today, broken computer be damned!

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.  :-)

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