World Earth Day

Over to the Folks today, and Ally is no longer going in the bedroom. I'm not surprised really... My Dad takes him outside if I'm doing anything which may put me at risk - i.e. anything other than sitting in a chair! That is fine currently while the weather is good and my Dad's happy to go outside. I'm wondering what will happen next time it pees down with rain when I'm there!

I had loads of shopping to fetch today - two big bagfuls! I managed to distribute the weight evenly between them so it wasn't hard to carry. Other than that and a bit of cleaning and washing up though that was it!

Once Jae had fetched me home I went to the park and took some photos. I was happy to see this bee as it's the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day, and the Google Doodle was celebrating the work of bees! I wasted a good few minutes playing the little game they devised for it.

Bees pollinate 85% of the Worlds flowers, and 2/3 of its crops - and long may it remain so - and more if possible! I think from its colour this might be a Common Carder bee, but I'm not sure! 

I'd not even heard of World Earth Day before but this planet is our home, and the only way we can continue to exist - what on Earth can be more important to us than that. Let a few airlines go bust I say! I hope people will carry on with the video-conferencing too, rather than all driving to one place. It seems silly and unnecessary really, just for business that can be done in other ways.

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