By Incredibish

Bee on Forget Me Nots

I spent a happy few hours this morning in the very front garden, initially with my Kindle, but soon the lure of the wildlife became too much.

There is a practice of meditation, wherein one focuses on a smaller and smaller area. As the eye defocuses, the general detail blends into an abstract form, but this allows the tiniest of movements to be noticed - the macroverse disappears and the microverse becomes sharper.

Amidst the jungle of forget-me-nots over which the larger beasties like this honeybee hovered, there were tiny shield bugs climbing the flower stems to leap into the air. Fearsome spiders hung from strands of web waiting for unsuspecting meals to arrive, or leered over the flowers at the passing pollinators.

There might be extras. These are all quite significant crops at a middling high ISO, so there is some noise. Oh, and some caterpillars that Janet said were sawfly but I think are Lackey moth caterpillars... anyway, she was quite keen to get rid of...

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