By Incredibish

Gold from Above!

It was, happily, a little before lunch, and the patio table had yet to be laid. An errant breeze brought guests... a white web balloon filled with tiny tiny spiders! It hit the edge of the table and burst into a golden cascade of life!

It was ok... the table seats eight and there's only two of us... we sat at the other end and enjoyed a very fine spagbol made by my not at all arachnophobic loveliness...

I loved the ambiguity of the focus here. You can't actually see many of the hundreds of babies as they tumble out of their cradle, but you get the idea they are glad to have landed. Go large, if you dare.

Today being Flower Friday you were supposed to get the newly flowering Wisteria. So that's extra. Have a fantastic weekend, wherever you do it (ah-ha, lockdown jollity).

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