The accidental finding

By woodpeckers

Emergency Services

... Delivering PPE to the Bluebirdhome care service. They tell me they've never run out yet. Meanwhile, an ambulance was roaring away from our street with its siren wailing, and a man was sleeping on a bench in the bright sunlight in the High Street. A woman I know stopped me to tell me about her Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, and added that she now has a diagnosis of Tourette's. Boots the chemist was turning people away because it was their staff lunchtime. Empty medicine bottles (of methadone?) rolled about in the alley.

I queued to get into Home Bargains, but got straight into Iceland. There was sliced bread in Home Bargains, hand sanitiser in both Home Bargains and Superdrug, but eggs were nowhere to be found. I was shopping for someone else, and determined to get everything on the list (though it was heavy) but the eggs defeated me. I consoled myself with a choc ice, a chocolate bar, a 'penny dreadful' magazine and a packet of half price ham from the newsagents. This is week five, after all.

On the way home I bumped into a rather opinionated lady who lectured me about the Way Things Will Go from now on. We both agreed that week five is getting rather wearing. (actually I think this might be week six now, can anyone remember?)

When I arrived back in my area, I delivered the shopping, put my own in the fridge/freezer, took the change to the woman who is paying for, and co-ordinating the response to the vulnerable person' shopping needs (because her benefits have been stopped). I also had a same-old, same-old conversation with a person who does not believe that anyone in Stroud is ill, let alone critically. I assured them that there are people in Stroud hospital who have CoVid-19,and that a colleague of mine has been ill with the virus for over a fortnight. I added that I had observed a police landrover delivering a quad bike to Stroud hospital ( but why?)

At home, I made an instant coffee, grabbed a flapjack, and took myself to bed with my phone and the trashy mag. I had already got Netflix sorted on both tvs (finally) but realised that the main TV is pretty unreliable, at least for the moment. I keep 'fixing it' but after about five minutes it defaults to only receiving a few channels, and buffering on the Internet channels.

After a chat with one of my sisters about what's on TV (I had already chatted with TML, about the CoVid situation in New Zealand) I fell asleep. It was mid-afternoon. It is evening now. I feel slightly hot. I have done so all day. That is all. No cough.

I will now get up and make root veg soup, but may retire to bed again for the evening's TV viewing. I think I've finally stopped trying to be Superwoman in Lockdown, and realised that I am just Super Tired.

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